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Friday, December 28, 2012

So You're Working On That Best Seller What Next?

Almost everyone I've ever met has a story to tell. Maybe they grew up in the depression, or went through a world war. Might be that they've had a broken heart and wrote all about it. Maybe you've lived fifty shades of grey.
No matter what you've written down in that best selling novel you're about to complete, you still have to figure out a way to get it to the masses.
Thankfully for us we live in an age where the Internet allows anyone with a connection to publish anything they'd like. Many platforms now exist to simply upload the material and a third party will format and publish the work for you.
Royalties are split with the author at various rates, depending on where you decide to publish.
What this does is allow anyone to create a passive on-line income.
Take this golden opportunity to the bank. Use the great story of your life, or if its not so great then make one up that is. Publish it using one platform or another and make money just writing down what's already in your head.
It's that easy. I recommend Amazon's KDP publishing platform as a means to get started quickly. I have one e-book that sells consistently, and it's only eight pages long.
Some things people are in need of knowing, just don't take that long to explain. Do it in an easy to read format and offer it at a reasonable price and you have a recipe for success.
My e-books are here if anyone would like to see what they look like in bright lights. Yours can be up there as quick as you can finish writing it so get right on that and here's a link to Amazon's Self Publishing Site. The link below will take you to Amazon's own guide on how to get started and the book is free for the kindle. If you don't have a kindle you can download one here for your computer for free.

Have fun folks and make some money at the same time. Once they're up, they can do nothing but earn for you forever.

1 comment:

Jennifer fay said...

Nice article. I'm working on my novel trilogy, a recipe book on my Mom, and another novel. Hoping to get started with Kindle Publishing later this next year with at least one of them. I'll clip this article to my Evernote. Thanks for the share.