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Friday, February 08, 2013

Effective Squirrel Control

Squirrels are very destructive rodents and their presence in a farm or building signifies destruction and poor crop yields. This is because they feed on almost every crop for example they feed on corn, vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and even potatoes. These small animals multiply very fast, making their population to increase in rapid manner. This population can be dangerous to commercial production of some crops like nuts and potatoes especially sweet potatoes. Sometimes these animals dig up newly planted seeds and eat them. The following is a summarized way to deal with these problem squirrels.

There are several methods and ways of controlling these rodents and the most common methods includes; shooting them. In areas and places where discharge of fire arms is permitted one can use the gun in eradicating these animals from the farm. Also use of traps can also help in eradicating squirrels. Live traps with bait can be positioned in areas where these animals use as their way to the farm or building. Use of repellants can also be effective in dealing with this menace. Garden bulbs, painting plant stems with thiram and also using commercial repellants can also be effective.

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