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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breaking News! Reality TV Kills Comedy

The tides have turned in the television world. Reality TV Kills Comedy is not a metaphor but a realization that there's absolutely nothing funny on television today. It seems the masses would rather watch a young women birth ten or fifteen kids, without any means to support them, or maybe a backwoods wrecker company, repossess some hillbillies ride.

These reality shows are a step away from Jerry Springer. Watching these shows is probably popular because of the same reasons. They make everyone feel better about themselves. Seeing a toothless overweight repo man, knock down the guy trying to save his ride, gives us two separate individuals who's lives are worse then most.

Coming home after a hard day of work, most people would sit down and watch a sitcom or two. Folks had a favorite night to laugh together. The lineups would compete for the laughs, one funnier then the next. Ratings skyrocketed for some of these shows. Yet somehow they have drifted into obscurity. Falling pray to tattoo artists and handymen, Motorcycle builders and folks with dirty jobs.


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