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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Turn Him On

Word of mouth is a very powerful thing that can be used to enlighten a fading love or start a new one. You can always get a rare attention from your boy by enticing him with auspicious words. The best thing to do to get your boy’s attention is to say something that is not obvious. It needs to have an ear catching wordings that will give him a clue but not a conclusion.

To attain this you first have to think about things to say to your boyfriend to turn him on. How can you succeed in doing this? The most desirable way of accomplishing this is by telling him things that will make him feel extremely attracted to you. Say it in a manner suggesting that you are trying to “get it on”. What you say deliberately is an implication to him that you are attracted to him.

You can just extract a nice attribute from him that will absolutely turn him on such as;

“I always love you when you are in that fancy vest.”

You can choose to say some romantic line to him that will get him high like;

“The smile you make is always the same as that of my mum.”

Why don’t you praise his body features?

“I love that smooth hands, it gives me a tender touch when you put it in my arms and everywhere.”

The boy will always admit anything great that you utter about him and will respond with a similar but for you. Don’t give him a chance; look for other things to say to your boyfriend to turn him on.

Why don’t you go deeper by saying something sexy but in a smart way?

“You are my boy and that is why am always wet even when the weather is dry.”

Another way is to tease him about something that is going to happen later on.

“How I wish we were not in this street, I wanted to do something with you.”

Getting your guy into a heaven on earth does not entail any ambiguous knowledge. You just need to understand his emotions and what he loves most. Take your time in finding things to say to your boyfriend to turn him on. You will be good to go.

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