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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Funny Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

If you have a boyfriend, you will always like that amorous time when you will be sharing together. It does not matter if he is next to you or miles away, sending him funny messages can be quite fun. If you send him a message like “Honey I miss you”, it will please him but not necessarily take him by a storm. You need to add humor to what you tell your boy. Be real and say something peculiar that will get him excited. The greatest thing you can do is to look for funny things to say to your boyfriend that will make him have you even more. A message that is comical in nature can be a breakthrough.

The greatest thing about love is not only a loving love but also a comical one. You can show how much you care about him but in teasing manner by uttering something like; 
“Last time when we were working along the road, I almost threw you onto the traffic but I realized that I would have instead killed myself trying to get you out of the road.”

You can often turn funny things to say to your boyfriend to perfectly much any situation. If you want to challenge your boy, you can pretend to be angry by saying;
“I did not fall for you; it is only that you tripped me.”

It is apparent that he will try to defend himself, but quickly tell him that you were trying to get more of his attention.
If you want your boy to feel secure, you can make him know that by telling him a funny quote such as;

“I want my phone number to be your favorite hello and also hardest to say goodbye.”
For the case of wanting him to have that truth that you love him the way he is and vice varsa,why don’t let him know this;

“We are neither a wannabe nor posers ...we are just us.”
Another exquisite thing to tell him is this;

“A boyfriend is like a 4-leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have.”
The best thing to do always is to have unlimited funny things to say to your boyfriend so that your love life will never be boring. Try it and you will see it.



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