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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hats Off To The Helpers On Thanksgiving Day

We all should take our hats off to the helpers, on thanksgiving day. They give from the heart to those who need them.

Be it an organization, like a food bank, or community care program, or the individual inviting the old lady next door for turkey day, these people are gems of society and without them the world would be a colder place.

Giving of yourself at thanksgiving can be as little as passing a few bucks to the homeless guy downtown, or sending some canned goods to a food pantry. Whatever you decide to do, will only warm your heart as you help those in need.

It's very easy today, to get all wrapped up in our own lives and forget that some are not so lucky. We all need to follow these great humanitarians who reach out and be available to help as we can. Giving just a little each to make someone else's life better, can indeed change the world.


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