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Monday, November 29, 2010

Marital Strains at Christmas

 It is a well known fact that marriages are under strain over the festive season and many couples separate immediately after the holiday.

Both marriage partners are forced into close proximity for two to four days and forced to be jolly for the sake of children, relatives and friends. This forced intimacy means that if there are cracks in the relationship they will deepen.

It is not that Christmas causes marriage breakdowns, rather that it brings matters to a head. Sometimes the strain of putting on a brave face ‘for the children’ is just the last straw.

It is difficult for either marriage partner to do anything away from the other person over this holiday. There is no work to go out to, so neither husband nor wife get their own space. Everyone needs space and without it we become cross and fidgety.

If you have relatives to stay at Christmas or are staying at relatives your stress levels will be extra high, putting additional strains on the marital relationship. It is best to avoid extended family visits at this time of year.

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