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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seaside Holidays Near Home

One thing many people are economising on this year is their summer holiday plans. Gone are the expensive foreign holidays. The short stay near the seaside is back.

Unemployment makes us all reassess our priorities in life. Do we really need to spend $2000 on 2 weeks abroad, when $200 will give the family a long weekend near the sea.

Sea and sand are the only things children want on a vacation and you can usually find those within a four hour drive from home. Airports and flights are dreadful experiences with young children.

If you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight, then the flight is delayed by three hours, the flight itself is two hours, then another two hours from the destination airport to your hotel. That all adds up to an eight hour journey, TWICE.

Is it fair to inflict that on a young child, when all most children want is a big fried  breakfast, sand and sea. Give them good memories, not ones of awful journeys and hotels.

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