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Monday, December 06, 2010

Going into Teaching? GTT? PGCE? You Need to Read This

If you are going into teaching having been persuaded by the rose-tinted ads that the government have been running over the past few years, read this article and think again.

Teaching is great after the first five years, and for the next ten. After the age of 40 most teachers are past it and planning their escape from teaching.

I speak as one who loved teaching Chemistry until I was 45 years old, then cynicism took over.

Teachers are poorly paid and have appalling working conditions. Forget the holidays you will be too exhausted to appreciate them and you will have school work to do in them any way.


The Graduate Teacher Training Programme (GTTP) is a way of putting untrained teachers in front of classes. It is dressed up as “learning on the job”, but would you like your doctor to learn as she went along?

Teacher training in UK is appalling and needs a total overhaul. Students qualify who never should in the interests of course reputations. No student teacher course includes teacher body language.

Students are not taught to dominate the classroom, as they need to do to survive. The concept is anathema to the out-of-touch university lecturers.

Supply teachers will go insane within two days unless they are taught how to dominate a classroom and prevent classroom discipline problems.

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