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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Growing Vegetables in Containers

Anyone can grow vegetables and herbs in containers. You can grow them on your window sill, or by your back door.You can still eat heathily, even if you have no vegetable garden.

Anyone can grow herbs very successfully in containers, because most herbs will survive with poor soil and a shortage of water. Bees love thyme, rosemary and other aromatic herbs, so you are creating a wildlife garden just by planting a few tubs with herbs.

Depending on your climate and the time of year you can usually plant something in your vegetable containers. Any gardener's calendar will tell you exactly what to plant and when.

In March you can even plant new potatoes very successfully in containers. You do not need special potato containers, just turn your containers upside down to harvest the tubers. If you use ordinary pre-packed compost you will get scabby potatoes because it contains lime. Buy special potato growing compost or use your own home-made compost.

In May you can plant tomatoes in large containers, keep the well fed and water them every day though. Shade the container if you can.

You can grow peas perfectly well in containers, but runner beans become top heavy and blow over.

Brassicas such as Brussels sprouts or broccoli are best avoided, because their roots need more space and you will end up with stunted sprout plants.

Parsley works well, but remember that it is a biennial. Plant it one spring to harvest the next. (Add fresh parsely to Irish Stew for the true flavour)

You can even grow raspberries and strawberries to make summer pudding. Containers are probably the best place to grow raspberries becasue they are invasive.

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