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Saturday, December 04, 2010

LPS beat CDs 17-0. Moral? Keep Your Turntable

I have about 200 LPs. I invested £200 in a record turntable about thirty years ago. My turntable still works.

I have gone through six CD players in the same time. Why does my record player still work…because it is SIMPLE; It goes around, period. No auto-play nothing fancy. What I paid so much money for was engineering.

Now, there are better turntables…When I am rich I want a £2000 one, a Linn Sonndek LP12…but any £100 turntable will give you a better quality sound than a CD player costing twice as much.

If you have a turntable KEEP IT. If you haven’t then you should consider a USB turntable that you can use to copy every track as an MP3 file. Then you can have your favourite music on the move as well as at home.

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