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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Outlasting Poverty Writing Online For Passive Income

Outlasting Poverty Writing On line For Passive Income, is something a lot of writers will find hard enough to actually make them quit. They have obligations of one sort or another, that take up too much of their time. Getting enough content published, to actually make a difference, is so far out on the horizon that they just never make it.

They give up, take to the safety of conventional employment and give up a dream. Follow societies unwritten law and put their nose to the grindstone, hoping to bore out a meager income, to create some sort of stability for themselves and their family.


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HomeBaseIncome said...

Love the title of the topic. Outlasting Poverty. I read the read more at IB and did leave a comment there too. Great reading. I'm sure we article writers who have hung in there steadily for a couple of years will eventually turn the revenue into passive income.