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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Collecting United States Coins

Collecting United States Coins, has for quite sometime had the honor of compelling the largest collector base in the world to avidly seek out it's surviving numismatic rarities. Many varieties of United States Obsolete coins form a large part of investor portfolios today.

The values for these items has escalated recently and over time they have always appreciated at a steady pace. This has shown to investors over time that purchasing these rarities is not only a great hobby but an excellent financial tool given the right information.

Researching historical sales data can give you a good idea of the huge potential for profit. Coins can be purchased in garage sales and flea markets, classified ads in your local newspaper may yield some results. Absolutely everyone has some odd coins or tokens they threw in a jar over the years. Some of these weird looking old coins are worth millions.


1 comment:

Cricketlady said...

I sent a Tweet out on this, Great Article, My Husband has collected all his life and they have gotten us out of some sticky situations when we needed money and when times were good he bought more. Its a win, win! Thanks for writing about this.