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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Many Words Before I get Famous?

How Many Words Before I get Famous? This is a question any goal oriented writer will ask themselves when entering the world of online content production. Starting out can seem a daunting task. A vertual sea of competition exists for any niche you may choose. Where does one start when trying to become a well known author?

The answer lies simply in writing things that others want to read. Finding an area where your expertise reaches a level beyond what the average reader knows. Once this is accomplished then we are well on our way to our work getting passed around socially and traffic will increase as well as earnings if that's what your after.

Some of us write online because we're trying to build residual income. This is however only one reason and others try to get the word out to those that need it because they want to be useful in this lifetime to others. Whatever your reason for fame and notoriety, the methods for achieving your goals are the same.

Online article bases have sprung up like dandelions in a spring lawn. Way to many to pluck them all but we can tackle pulling the big ones.

All writers should check out every writing site they find and evaluate them on an individual basis. Check the forums and read what others say about their success as well as income and then go from there.

Time management is a very important part of online success. there are only so many hours in the day and most should be spent producing content, not advertising that content.

I have found the main site I want to write for, as you may know by the amount of content on this blog that leads back to Info Barrel, I have come to find this is the best place to put the majority of my content for publication.

Reasons for this are multiple and they are on the way to the top if you ask me. I've always been one to watch for a rising star and ride along beside them. This is one of the brightest of the stars out there today and will soon become the sun of article sites online.

In closing I personally invite you to join me writing online content for Info Barrel and future generations.

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