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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Wean Yourself Off An Info Barrel Forum Addiction

How to Ween Yourself Off An Info Barrel Forum Addiction, is a question that most members who venture into the forum pages here at Info Barrel will eventually have to ask themselves.

Many have come before us and they all return. For some reason there is a mechanical subconscious gravitational pull that attracts computer mice. And don't think you're immune just because you use a roller ball. They are just as prone to automatically return to the Info Barrel forum.

Hard core members of TTKTIBFA, ( which stands for "Trying To Kick The Info Barrel Forum Addiction") will all tell you it is just about futile. There are however a few things you can do to limit how many hours a day you spend absorbing data and processing the abundance of information that the IB forum will smash into the spongy membrane that is the human mind.



AJWalton said...

I can't imagine you dropping the addiction dreamaker! :)

Blogmakesmoney said...

wow good article very to avoid this

HomeBaseIncome said...

I always go back to the Forum because it's my favorite. I've been addicted a few times.

dreamaker said...

Thanks for stopping by all and if you get any new addictions I hope it's too WritersBloggingBlock.