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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Original Content Blogging For Dollars

Original Content Blogging For Dollars, is a metaphor for the chance we take when we jump into the on line world of niche blogging.

Think of this endeavor as poking your head into a big bucket of water and trying to grab dollars with your teeth. It's not going to be easy despite what all the Internet guru's will tell you. It takes consistent hard work and a complete resolve to never give up. Patience and an energetic work ethic will eventually prevail.

Starting out blogging on line to make money, most people will have huge expectations and they may be quickly disappointed when their perfectly designed work of art doesn't immediately go viral and get a thousand visitors an hour like it should have. What's wrong? Why isn't my counter moving? How can my work be that bad? These are all questions everyone asks themselves when they write on line for a seemingly unresponsive public. We all want to know, Is there anybody out there?


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