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Monday, February 28, 2011

Google Shakeup Scares The Crap Out Of On line Writers

Well Google has gone and done it again. We're all here sitting on the edge of our desk chairs waiting for the next shoe to drop. Something is amiss in the world of SEO and being on the receiving end of the downgraded content doesn't feel to good.
If your producing on line content then you probably have already found an interesting article on the subject at hand. Google has suddenly decided to change he game again. Now all the writers who spend their valuable time researching and producing on line content to improve the users Internet experience are being forced to work twice as hard to get the information to the end user.
Unfortunately from what I've seen so far there is no justice or equality being shown by Google. They seem to be playing favorites with the properties they have a financial interest in.
This to me is a good business practice and will help secure Google's place as the behemoth it is in future rankings.
This change does not seem to be helping the average person seeking relevant answers to their search. Content that is biased according to who owns them is not a proper way to gain your information. It will have no longevity and Google will eventually lose face because of this move.
I have no link to send you to because this is just a rant by one worried writer. Your comments can add to this thread and I am always interested in my peers opinions. Please leave a comment as Google needs to hear from us all.
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