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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Articles For Sale

Want to boost the ratings on your blog? would you like to publish ten articles a week but just don't have the production time? OK last question, would a few good articles on a given topic increase your online presence and therefore your rankings with the search engines?

Ghostwritten articles from" Dreamaker" will earn money. They will rank in Google results and they will produce an AdSense return.
I produce for sale, quality articles, fully researched, with keyword optimization.

These articles are written to provide the information the end user would be looking for and what the search engines are delivering.

You pick the topic, you pick the keywords, I'll produce the article and you publish. The rights and earnings of the articles are all yours forever. You can help by back linking the work to where you publish but it really isn't necessary.

Take a look at some of my work here at Info Barrel...

Here's another link to my work over at Associated Content...

The title link of this post will take you to my profile on where you can find more information and pricing. you may also e-mail me directly at this address.

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