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Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Boomer Retirement: Recreation in Retirement Communities

Choosing a community with the types of recreational activities we wanted was a major part of the decision making process we went through as we selected the senior community where we now live.

As you look at this picture of me, in the red fleece, horseback riding through a field of wild mustard and Marguerites, you can see that I am very satisfied with the decision we made. The equestrian center is just one of the numerous amenities available in our community.

My husband loves the two golf courses and five swimming pools that Laguna Woods Village, in Calfornia, has to offer.

However, other people will have different wants and needs. This blog post will help guide you as you think about what types of senior recreational activities will meet your needs the best.


Dreamaker said...

Sounds like a very relaxing life you've cut out for yourself. I have about 5 more years and I'll be looking for similar digs. Somewhere nice and warm to shake 50 years of New England winters from my bones. Thanks for sharing.

Deborah-Diane said...

I understand about those New England winters. I have a daughter who lives in Boston, and another who lives in Pennsylvania. I hope you are able to move somewhere with a mild climate year around. I know it makes our senior years a bit more comfortable! Thanks for your comment.