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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Youtube,Twitter, Stumbleupon and Reddit

Dreamaker's inquiring mind,
just has to know!
Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Youtube, Twitter Stumbleupon and Reddit, which social networking sites are you using?

Were all interested in spreading the word. Whatever that word may be for you as an on line contributor is important.

Getting your thoughts out to those who need it should be a priority. After all writing on line and never having anyone see it, may as well be a note to yourself.

I'm interested to find out which social networking sites are used by my fellow writers and bloggers, specifically for the purpose of getting traffic to their work as well as their work to a targeted audience.

Any comments left below should include a link back to your favorite literary works on the subject.

Thanks in advance for any input and Happy Holidays to all.

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