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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Shop On line

Christmas Shopping Goes Viral 
Right From The Comfort Of Your Home 

Here we go with a new month and the expectations that the Christmas season bring. 

Family traditions are being remembered and people are gathering for a global celebration that marks the biggest shopping event in the world. 

This is a month where almost every single individual is not only making purchases for themselves, but also for pretty much everyone they know. It's a time when individuals go out of their way to fill a need for another. Or donate time to a cause. Charities are a focus for many.

It's also going to be the biggest cyber shopping month that the Internet has ever seen. There are trillions of reasons to shop on line, from getting exactly what you need from almost any corner of the world, to buying local from the bakery down the street.

So when the PCs start buzzing and we overload Amazon with the little fiber optic orders commencing their faster then light journeys, we'll all have a lot more time to enjoy some eggnog and catch a little Christmas cheer around the fire.

Happy holidays to all of my Friends and their families, may you all be successful in all you do.

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