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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Online Money Scams to Avoid

It seems that every time you turn around you hear about how you can make thousands of dollars a month, or even a week, by trying this or that enterprise on the internet.  Frequently, people waste money that they thought they were investing in a business, and they end up resentful and disappointed.

There are legitimate organizations that allow you earn money online.  For example, you can sell products on Amazon or eBay, or write articles for InfoBarrel or Hubpages.  These are all reputable opportunities for people who are interested in working to build up online income.  However, there are far too many scammers who are just waiting for the unaware to stumble onto their sites.  Most of these online scams require that you spend money to get the "opportunity of a lifetime," or something like that.

To read more about the types of online scams, and what to look for, go to "Online Money Scams to Avoid" at

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