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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Retiring Former Hippies Spark a New Generation Gap

The community where I live was mentioned in "Time Magazine" this week (1/30/12).  It seems that the quiet, safe and charming retirement community where I live has come to the attention of the national press because of a little conflict we had last year over medical marijuana.

Of course, marijuana is not the only issue that has come up.  When you have residents who fought in World War II living side by side with a growing influx of Baby Boomers, former hippies and a new generation of retirees, you are certain to have conflicts arise over issues such as upgrading the infrastructure, and the type of music being performed at the New Year's Eve parties.

All this has actually made these retirement communities even more interesting communities in which to reside.  Residents no longer have to look forward to years of formal dinner-dances and the music of Lawrence Welk.  A Beatles cover band or a Country-Western DJ is much more likely to provide the entertainment.  There are lots of other things happening as Boomers retire, too!

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