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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why The United States Lincoln Wheat Cent Is The Most Popular collectible In The World

Do you have that old jar that everybody throws their pennies in? Is it a coffee can or a wine jug? It may be time to pull out that old box full of wheat cents your grandfather gave you and take a little bit closer look.

United States Lincoln wheat cents have fast become a high priced limited commodity. Today's market for this numismatic collectible is skyrocketing and some examples in high grade have already become too scarce for the average collector to afford.

Getting in on this potentially huge investment opportunity is a limited time offer. Not from me but from the series itself. Sooner rather then later, all of these coins will be gone from the market. Who knows where the price will go then.

Take a look at this fact filled article about the future of collecting the United States Lincoln wheat cents. Let me know if you have that jar and don't want to look through them I'll buy em all right up.

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