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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

InfoBarrel Gives Back

Here's a couple guy's who are trying to make a difference. Too bad there weren't a lot more out there like them. They've made it to the big time now.
Finally getting some of the press they need to get the message out, this interview came up today as one of several news bites about InfoBarrel
Taking a small step to solving a huge problem the founders of have taken a crowd sourcing website that provides a vast amount of Information and figured out how to make it give just a little bit more.
(You can join and write what you know)
Writers at InfoBarrel have an option to donate their ad revenue to IB's charity drive. Many have contributed article revenue to date and many are joining the cause every day.


Samantha said...

That's why I love writing at Infobarrel. There's more to the site than just dumping content into the void.

Dreamaker Dreamaker said...

That's for sure Samantha. So glad you stopped by.