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Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Definition For The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post

I love Pictures. What tells a story with less words? Maybe a landscape, or a blazing sunset, or a nice little mountain stream rolling through the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

Blogs love pictures. almost as much as I do. Well at least the people who visit them do. People search the web to be stimulated, to be informed. They go on to get directions and to do their banking. Hell now a day's people are ordering their groceries online and sitting home looking at blogs with pictures while they wait for the delivery. 
So I guess I'm picking a great picture, for the number one success building component of the perfect blog post. Add one whenever you get the chance. 

Labels are a fairly new addition to blogs. At least the ones that someone posting gets to control. Leaving a blog post without adding labels whenever possible would be the equivalent of having your phone number unlisted and trying to run a taxi business.

The third and final important part of a great blog post is going to be your link. Most blogs have a box to put a link back to your blog or website. I suggest you link back not to one article but to a user page or profile where you can list or have already listed everything you've ever written.

This means that if you write extensively at one article site, then your blog post should always link back there. Not only to your user profile, but to your article as well.

If you write primarily for InfoBarrel or HubPages, that's where you should point the people that may be following you from the post you left. After all isn't that why you were posting in the first place?

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Monica - footloose said...

I totally agree with your post. Check out my latest blog (! It's about the image....

Dreamaker said...

I went there and left a comment Monica, great stuff you got going on over there.