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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Supplements for Life Extension and Anti-aging - Best Supplements For Living a Longer Life and Feeling Younger (with Tips on How to Do it Effectively W

Currently there is much scientific interest in supplements for life extension and anti-aging. This article looks at some of the recent developments and gives an overview of a selection of good supplements to take for living longer. It also suggests more effective, and/or cheaper, yet effective, ways to self-supplement with these types of anti-aging and life extending products.

1 comment: said...

Hi Rev999, you have shared a lot of informative article. I bookmark your blog for future references. You can actually slow down the aging process a bit with antioxidants which to some extent immobilise and destroy the free radicals that cause the aging process as well as cancer.

Antioxidant supplements such as citrus bioflavonoids are very useful and you can also get them in calcium ascorbate complexes which are vitamin C plus calcium and citrus bioflavonoids.