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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lies and Liars: Lance Armstrong and Doping

Lies and Liars: Lance Armstrong and Doping:  I have always admired Lance Armstrong.  Who wouldn't?  After all, this courageous young man overcame testicular cancer that spread to other parts of his body and became one of the most famous cancer survivors in America.  Not only that, he went on to participate in the grueling sport of cycling and won seven Tour de France titles.

In addition, Lance Armstrong founded Livestrong, a foundation that helps other cancer patients.

All of these achievements made him seem like a young man that we Americans could be proud of.  Sadly, after years of fighting accusations that he was using performance enchancing drugs in order to achieve these goals, Lance Armstrong gave up the fight.

Read more about the accusations and the consequences at:  Lies and Liars: Lance Armstrong and Doping

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