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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lies and Liars: Cheating in High School

Lies and Liars: Cheating in High School: High school cheating has become an epidemic and students have discovered many high tech ways to cheat more efficiently than ever before. 

Students are getting others to take their SAT exams, they are changing their semester grades on the school computers, and they are photographing standardized exam booklets, to name a few of the ways they are cheating.

There are steps that the schools can take to prevent some of this cheating, but they need to be much more proactive in prohibiting the use of cell phones in the classroom.  In addition, schools need to base their grades on work that is actually completed in the classroom.

To learn more about the cheating scandal, as well as how to prevent it, read the full article at:  Lies-and-Liars: Cheating in High School.

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