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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Baby Boomer Retirement: Where Obama and Romney Stand on Issues

Baby Boomer Retirement: Where Obama and Romney Stand on Issues:  In the attached map, the blue states are leaning towards Obama, the red states are leaning towards Romney, and the striped states are undetermined or too close to call.

Although many people have already made up their minds about the election, others are still undecided and those undecided voters could determine the election.  Many of the undecided are those citizens who are Baby Boomers, and they need clear, non-hysterical information about the plans the candidates have and how they would affect senior citizens.

Each of us has our own problems, concerns, worries and family issues.  Reading the recommendations of the two presidential candidates can be a helpful way to decide which candidate has plans that will benefit you and your family.

You can read more at:  Where Obama and Romney Stand on the Issues

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