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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Rat Repellents

Does ultrasonic rat repellent work? Is a question that has been raised by many. The answer is yes, it works. The repellent can consist of single or triple speakers that produce ultrasonic waves that scare away rats. Rats are known to have sharp sense of ultrasonic waves. The moment they hear the waves they will run away and abandon your house. Another worry may be what about the new comers, the newcomer rates in your house are even more death with the electronic repellant. They are fearful of the new environment. With a repellent in places they will leave the house or our store immediately and never comes back again.

The repellents are a better solution comparing to other methods like poisoning, remember after poisoning the rats they may end up dying in their hideouts where you can't reach to dispose of their dead bodies making your house smelling horribly. Using traps can prove less effective as other newcomers will come so you will be catching one rat per day or night using only one trap allowing room for other rates to move in. Using a ultrasonic rat repellant will Get Rid of Pesky Rodents for good.

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