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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Stop Squirrels From Eating Your Plants

You love your garden and pour money and time into it but a common problem that many gardeners face is how to get rid of squirrels eating plants and digging up your prized bulbs. A tried and effective method is to dilute some chilli or hot sauce and spray it around to plants and this will act as a repellent to the squirrels who do not like the product and this will not harm the environment or other animals. Of course you will need to spray regularly for this to continue to be effective.

Another method used by gardeners is to use companion planting, marigolds are a favourite and the smell of these will repel the squirrels and once again without harming anything else. Domestic pets such as dogs and cats can also be very effective deterrents as they will scare off the squirrels and in turn keep these PeskyRodents away from your garden.

Here’s 4 Tips forGetting Rid of Squirrels in your garden.

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