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Friday, February 08, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! has big news 
for all content writers.

It seems that folks have been having a hard time getting an Adsense account as of late. This is  due to Google's new stricter requirements of having your own top level domain that meets or exceeds their standards.

Some people who love to write, just have no interest in owning or running a website. They're busy with article ideas and half written novels. The time it takes to operate a well oiled website just doesn't exist.

So what's a writer to do? Most of us will turn to revenue sharing websites like InfoBarrel. This site has consistently grown over the past few years. That has allowed writers who compose here, to compete with higher ranked sites, by supplying the proper tags and descriptions that will rank well within search engine algorithms.

People who write for InfoBarrel, have a great loyalty to the site. This is because the site and the administration have a great loyalty to their writers. Unlike other unnamed revenue sharing sites, the guys up at the home office at IB, know that the writers help to make the site. Without them there is no content.

So why doesn't every writer put all of their content on this site? The answer is, most likely they will be very soon. This site is about to make a drastic change in the way their writers are paid for their efforts.

In the past to write for InfoBarrel, A content provider would upload their article and then promote the article throughout the web to get traffic.

The next thing they're going to do, is check their Adsense account for earnings, again and again and again, until it becomes an obsession with some. This is just human nature, we can't help it, we have to know exactly how much we're making, and how many hits we've gotten, and if anyone clicked on that all important ad.

Making the minimum payout amount for Google Adsense, if you're lucky enough to have an account, is set at a hundred dollars. This is impossible to get around because that is the lowest setting they provide.

Just how many writers have opened an Adsense account and never made payout? The answer to that is unknown, but I'm sure it's in the millions. Google gets to keep that money. If you can't make payout, you don't get paid. This is probably one reason they made profits in the billions of dollars range in past years.

Writers write, and programmers build websites. If you're the latter, or both,
you can build a site, put up your content, promote the content, and watch your earnings go up.

If your not a programmer, and computer code is not your second language, like many, you'll be relying on the site you post your content on to get it right.

So why InfoBarrel and why now? Both of these questions are important to consider if you're producing on-line content. You have to post it somewhere, why not the most respected and profitable writers collaborative on the web?

InfoBarrel stands head and shoulders above the competition in so many ways, its hard to get them all in one blog post. Instead of trying, I'll drop a little list of why I write for IB.

  1. Respect. All of the writers, and the administration here, have a mutual respect for each other. One doesn't work without the other and both are aware of this.
  2. Confidence. I am one hundred percent sure the owners of IB have my best interest in mind. 
  3. Income. I make more here than at any other revenue sharing site I've written for.
  4. InfoBarrel's forum. This has to be the friendliest place on the web. You ask a question and it's answered in seconds, usually by a multitude of members who have already, "been there and done that".
  5. Constant Upgrades. This site is constantly improving. I joined IB in October of 2010 and was amazed to see they had compiled thirty thousand writers to post at one site. IB now has over a hundred thousand writers now and its soon to grow by leaps and bounds.
  6. Authority. When I put my work up on InfoBarrel, I'm confident it's going to rank well. With hundreds of thousands of pages on the Internet, it's hard to beat IB's massive portfolio of work.
  7. Reports. IB's user interface for seeing just what's going on with your work is unmatched on the web.
  8. 157 other reason's I can't think of right now. I may be underestimating that number.
That list is extremely incomplete. I couldn't possibly list out all of the benefits to joining IB in one blog post.'s New Internal Payment System for Writers

As I type this post, is improving yet again. A new payment system for writers is in the middle of beta testing. A small group of members have signed up to use IB's internal system to be paid for tier one ads, as well as second tier, (smaller than Google) advertising companies.

No longer will writers have to jump through Google's metaphorical hoops to earn money with InfoBarrel. You'll simply sign up and start writing. Your content will begin to earn immediately from  any clicks on the ads on your content.

This new payment system will open the world of passive income from writing online to the masses. Anyone with a good working knowledge of the English language will be able to produce their content, upload it and start earning.

OK here's the beef of this post; 

IB is where you want to be. It's as simple as that. There is no other revenue sharing site on this planet, that will do better looking out for your interests.

Come on over to and look around. This link will sign you up as my referral, dreamaker's sign-up link.  I will promise you this, if you sign up for InfoBarrel and you need any help, I am there for all of my referrals, to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way I can.

So what are you waiting for? You can start earning today. There are no limits to how much you can make, or how many articles you can publish. The first step is to sign up and stop by the forums.

See for yourself what our friendly, (not so little) community has to offer. Ask any questions you may have and prepare to be amazed by all of the help you get..

That's it folks, I guess I've boasted and bragged enough about my favorite online revenue sharing site for writers, I'll let you go so you can hurry up and start earning the big bucks @


Amerowolf said...

I would like to hear the 157 other reason you like infobarrel, please.

- Amerowolf.

Robert VanNorden said...

OK I'll write up a list and do another post really soon I promise. Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle Spicer said...

awesome article!!

Robert VanNorden said...

Thanks Michelle, and thanks for stopping by.

case1worker said...

The major benefit will be the new payment scheme- you do not need to have an adsense account which is becoming increasing difficult to obtain, especially if you live in the India/Asia- The main thing with writing on line is to keep working at it and the trickle does eventually amount to $100's . I believe it amounts to $1000's but I am not there yet