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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Internal Payment System Beta Test Update

OK, so you're wondering how well's beta testing of the new internal payment system has been going?

As an enthusiastic member of this beta test I have to say in the early going I'm quite impressed.

Considering this system is only in its infancy, I'm already seeing a solid bug free reporting system.  Of course I'm looking at it from a user standpoint, so I really have no insight into the technical end at the home office.

I've participated in a lot of beta tests over the years for a number of prominent web sites. I can't recall a smoother test.

It seems the administration has succeeded in building exactly what they were after, and its working perfectly from my standpoint.

If you are writing for, and you still have a question about using the new system. Think about all the benefits to having another source of income on a monthly basis.  One that doesn't rely on your constant diligence to avoid angering the search gods.

I've never believed in relying on any one website to consistently provide me with an income to sustain my lifestyle.  One needs to hedge their bets and diversify to be successful in any endeavor.

The on-line writing world is a perfect example of how compiling multiple income sources can add a great deal of stability to your finances.

If you're part of the beta testing please add a comment with your personal opinion of how the test is going.

Thanks IB for all you do to make the site better, and working so hard to get us all to the top of the mountain where we belong.

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