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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is Your Relationship Thriving Or Surviving?

Any time someone asks you how your relationship with your significant other "is going" do you often answer with just a nod of the head and a short expletive, like, good or fine? If this is the answer you give, more often than not, you may want to consider if your relationship is thriving or merely surviving.

No one wants to consider the fact that their relationship could be on rocky ground. Do not fret! There are many options that you can consider to re-kindle the flames of love.

- Do you still have fun and can let down your hair, together?
- Do you share your feelings and are open to each other’s options?
- Can you and your partner laugh and can be playful with one another?
- Are you still sleeping in the same bed?
- If you have grown children, do remember several angry moments between mom and dad or more happiness?

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Laughter is truly the best medicine. Scientific studies show that a relationship in which both partners can still enjoy each other’s company and let down their hair together, will last longer. You have to be able to still feel like you can be impulsive and just have fun as a couple. Also, research shows that those who laugh more actually live longer, healthier lives.

If you and your partner sleep in different beds, consider why this is the case. If you and your significant other have health issues that require the separation, this is not such an alarming issue. Where the problem lies is when there is a habit of one partner sleeping on the sofa. This is usually the sign that there is animosity between one partner or the other. Talking through your issues is the only way a struggling relationship can get through any problem.

Remember, communication is the key to any successful relationship. It does not matter if you are just dating or have been married for 40 years. If either partner does not feel safe and comfortable within the relationship, you will never be able to recover. Do you remember what you found sexy when you first met? Here’s a refresher…10 Things That Men Find Sexy

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