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Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Love Quotes for Him

Being romantic and cute with your man can often be a bit daunting, as you don't exactly know what their reaction will be. Luckily, there are certain quotes that will surely get a positive reaction from the man you love. Most girls who try to flirt will often try too hard or seem like they are too shy causing them to appear childlike. With these several tips and love quotes for him, you will then get a better understanding on how to start or continue your relationship with the guy you love.

Top Love Quotes for Him

- "Failure makes me grow stronger. Love helps me stay alive. But it is you that keeps me smiling."

- "Love is the only game that two people can play and win at the same time."

- "I have learned about love not by just finding the right person, but by simply learning to see this imperfect person in a perfect way."

- "Immature couples in love say: (I love you because I want you) whereas mature couples like us say: (I need you with me because I'm in love with you.)"

- "I love you so much not because of what and who you are, but because of how I am whenever I'm with you."

If you're with a man that you believe to be your true love, then cherish him with all your heart and passion. True love nowadays is a super rare jewel and so you are very lucky to have found one. Also, don't ever waste your time with self-doubt and confusion. Be yourself with the man you love and don't hold back when making your love quotes for him. If he makes your heart shout with joy and mesmerizes you with just a smile, then it means that you are in love. Give him all the love in your heart and he will not fail to see the tender care you have for him.

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