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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Funny Cute Texts That Will Spice up Your Relationship

Text messaging is a popular form of communication in every relationship. Most teenagers and you adults prefer communicating with their loved ones through messages instead of calling them because messages are short and they are to the point. Below, find some short but sweet messages that every girl will definitely like to send to her boyfriend:

1. Read this text, and know that whoever sent it loves you very much.

2. I can’t wait to live with you in the same house

3. You rock my world dear!

4. When I look at you, I see nothing but me and you kissing. When I see you, I feel that nothing else exists for me.

5. I long to be with you, not only for a day but forever. I understand that life is dynamic but I am ready to stay and share with you in times of happiness and sorrows.

6. Nothing will make me happier than knowing that you will always stay by my side. I miss your soothing voice and I promise to love you forever.

7. My love for you is the most important thing that I have accomplished in my life.

8. Love’ is the only thing that I have for you now …… and if you let me, I am sure that I will keep it forever.

9. If red roses were only found in a den of lions, I would go straight there to get one for you.

10. Our life together is already wonderful, and together, we will be sure to make it better and better.

11. Loving you is like breathing. How Am I supposed to halt?

12. Just hearing your name makes me jump with joy.

Basically, there are hundred to text messages that a girl can send to her boyfriend. Here are 10 Hot Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend. Choice will be depended on factors such as length and message but it should be remembered that they are designed to achieve one objective – to boost love.

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