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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cyber Monday Mania... Where do you fit in?

We all shop for Christmas, even me!

Not in the traditional sense where I spend months filling some list with something for every single person I know. I do however, have a short list that I take out every year around the twenty third of December.

So I guess you wouldn't think I'd give a hoot about "Cyber Monday". Well I do and let me tell you why.

In years past before the invention of online shopping, I would have to save up money or scramble late to figure out how I was going to get gifts for those few people who I knew would be getting me something.

Now I use money I made from selling products and advertising on my web sites and articles.

Amazing, how Cyber Monday, now pays for Christmas. And to think when the Internet was first conceived, the general public shunned the idea of buying almost anything online.

I believe about 50% of the stores I do still visit are sparsely populated. Jammed up malls I used to dread are now a great place to just take a stroll. Shoppers are staying home, using their computers to get whatever they want right to their doors.

What I'm saying is this, in the near future I believe the retail shop is going to be a bunch of computer screens for consumers to order what they want. One of each item may be displayed for a visual selling aide but even that, will eventually be replaced with a virtual 3-D holograph of the product.

So if you write online for income. Or if you sell a product or service online, you'll need to be ready for "Cyber Monday". After all it can make for a Merry Christmas for all.

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