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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How I Received Over 500 Views on InfoBarrel in 3 Days Using Facebook

Using Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your InfoBarrel Articles

Social Media is probably the easiest platform to post your InfoBarrel articles to in hopes of driving traffic.  Putting articles on Facebook is easy, getting people to click on them and read your content is not so easy.  Search online and you will come across blog posts telling you that you will be successful posting your articles to Facebook and social media alone, these people are crazy.  I have had a wide variety of success posting links of my articles on Facebook.  My success story comes from my article Growing Up in Alaska, that received over 500 views in 3 days from Facebook alone.  This post will explain the tactics that I used and what I learned from this article compared too many others that did not receive as much traffic. 
My InfoBarrel article Growing Up in Alaska was one of the first 10 articles I wrote for Infobarrel.  At the time Facebook was my main source for driving traffic to my articles.  This has been my most successful article in my portfolio and here is why.  This article connected with most of my Facebook friend base.  This was hands down the key.  I came up with the idea for this article after I saw a bunch of posts on Montana being shared all over Facebook.  Posts ranged from, Why Montana is for Bad Asses to 20 Montana Towns You Must Visit.  All of these posts were blowing up and I couldn’t believe it.  I knew I had to do something similar to get in on the action.  I did grow up in Alaska, so I wrote the article solely on personal experiences.  Anyone who grew up in Coastal Alaska could relate to almost everything I wrote about.  I believe the title and content were responsible for 80% of the traffic generation.  To get good action on Facebook your post needs to be shared multiple times.  This gets more eyes on your title, link, and picture to your article.  Good content that connects with people will start the fire, but you can increase your success with a few other tactics.
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