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Sunday, March 02, 2014

4 Eye Exercises to Help Improve Vision
Overtime, research has shown that eye exercises not only enhance vision but increase the eye’s functionality as well. Whiles some people may be skeptical, eye exercises actually work and there have been a good number of people who have been on record saying that their ability to see was greatly improved when they embarked on these exercises.  
While it’s easy to learn and apply these exercises it’s also important to mention that for you to get the desired results, you must perform them on a regular basis. 

Below is a comprehensive review of eye exercises to improve vision you can practice.
The Eye Splashing… This is the ideal exercise to use when you wake up in the morning and just before you retire to bed. Splashing your eyes with lukewarm water every morning and night not only aids in getting rid on any harmful material which may inhibit clear vision but also revitalize the eyes. 

The Eye Squeeze… This is one of those eye exercises to improve vision you can use when your eyes feel dry and itchy. Just shut your eyes and gently squeeze them of about five seconds. Be sure to repeat the same procedure five times with the aim of making the eyes sufficiently moisturized. 
The Eye Circles…If you’re experiencing some form of stiffness and rigidness in the eyes then performing the eye circles exercise will come in handy. When facing the upward direction, roll yours eyes in a circular motion seven times. This should be done in the clockwise direction. The same procedure is then repeated in the anti-clockwise direction. This in effect will loosen the muscles in an around the eyes. 

The Eye Massage… The eye socket and temples would do with some massage. This can be done by the use of fingers or knuckles. Eye massaging helps increase the amount of blood reaching the eyes thus and increase in the oxygen carried to the eye which translates into better and improved eyesight. If you’re not comfortable using your fingers or knuckles for one reason or other, you can purchase eye massagers which are available on sale online. 
You don’t have to look far and wide for remedies to your lack of proper vision. Perhaps the remedy could be lying in your arms and eyes, literally. These eye exercises to improve vision don’t require any special skills to perform and perfect. All you need to is practice them more often. You can perform them anytime, anywhere. 

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