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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery the Green Way

A few years back I started learning just how bad most household chemicals are. There are many that have carcinogens in them and others that make carcinogens when combined with organic matter. Since so much of what we clean is indeed organic matter this started worrying me. I, like many others, believed that "cleaning green" was either expensive (new chemicals that are "green" are terribly expensive) or that it was ineffective.

Boy was I in for a surprise. You can use common ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to locate to clean almost everything in your house. They are safe for you and effective. You can even clean your carpets and upholstery without damaging them, without harming your health or the health of your family, and without harming the environment.

Sound like a sales pitch? Well maybe it is, but not cause I am going to get rich off of writing this blog post or the article (most of the ads aren't completely relevant because you can go buy a box of baking soda and don't need any fancy or expensive cleaners or equipment and ads are how I make my money). Instead it is a sales pitch because it works and it is better for you.

The test. I have a four year old and an 18 month old. We live in a very small duplex and don't have a dining room (or dining room table). They eat with TV trays on the our nice microfiber couch. They make it a mess, but these green cleaning methods really work! to doing a lot of other stuff today. Have a good one!

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