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Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to be a More Productive Article Writer

I am often amazed when I go back and read stuff I wrote awhile back. A year ago I wrote a lot of articles for InfoBarrel. I was excited for awhile and worked hard at it. I even won a contest and placed in one or two other contests. It was exciting, but I switched from article writing to freelance writing and worked like a mad woman. I made a lot of money now, but was writing all day and most nights as well. I burned out, and now I am going back to article writing.

The point of that little ramble was that in backlinking my old articles (I hate backlinking), I recently stumbled across this article How to Be a More Productive Article Writer. It was long before I thought of adding SEO and it's on a topic that definitely won't make me rich. But it is full of great information, plans, and if you put this stuff into action it will help you to be a more productive article writer.

In fact, it is so great and I have been out of it for so long that I am bookmarking to change my habits and get into the process of being a more productive article writer myself. Sure I have written over 1500 articles for the Internet (that appear in my name or under the writing name aidenofthetower) and thousands more that appear under someone elses name (written while freelancing), but I still need to be a more productive article writer and this article will help get me there!

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