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Saturday, November 20, 2010

United States Large Cents

United States Large Cents beginning in early 1793, were produced for circulation among the people inhabiting the united States of America.

These coins have throughout history been avidly collected and treasured as heirlooms and investment pieces.

They also grace the torn collector books of children in lower grades and have been placed on exhibit in museums as rare one of a kind numismatic treasures.

With a story for every year and a tale for every cent, coin collectors have fallen in love with an American favorite in the collectors world. Examples are sought out in all grades from a perfect MS 70 coin to a low grade G-4, there is someone looking for that exact item.

One look on Ebay or any other on line auction site will take you to a page full of bids and happy sellers. Searchers are now having a hard time finding high grade examples for some older issues and rarities.


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