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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing Like A Madman For Online Income

We all do it, our carple tunnel shows.


Blogmakesmoney said...

Aiden Of the Tower said...

My carpel tunnel definitely shows! I have to wear braces to bed at night because of the damage I did to them this last year and a half. :-P Sad thing is I can still produce a lot of content at one time and just haven't ever done it for myself. Freelancing really sucks, revenue sharing is a much better plan!

Dreamaker said...

Aiden Of The Tower Thanks for coming by. I know you of many have a lot of articles on IB. Feel free to send me any link requests through the comment links on this page and I will install them as topics. Make sure to leave me the URL and what you want the link to say I will copy the content thats recieved and post it as a topic linked back to you. This post only gets you a link to your blog with blogger. Thats fine too though. Thanks for stopping in and see ya at IB.