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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Is There Life After Panda?

A content writers life post "Panda", is a post that I decided to write when my income from writing on-line went from a substantial portion of my total income to absolutely nothing in a matter of weeks.
The pain that's been inflicted financially on most content writers, can be associated with a sudden stock market crash for investors, or a widespread drought for farmers. Any industry that has experienced a major crash and subsequent loss of income, can be looked at with hindsight to understand what changes we must make to once again be successful at earning within the on line content writing industry.

G Giveth & G Taketh Away

Gimme Back My Clicks

Where oh where have the ad clicks gone? A question we all ask ourselves every time we look for stats on a monetized website. The new algorithm that has been introduced by Google, as well as most major search engines, has changed the face of the game.

At one time it was quite possible to write an article in a certain area and expect it to rank well within the search engine results because it had relevant content and offered the viewer substance for their invested time. Ads that monetize the work would come up relevant automatically and we could be paid for our hard work.

A new game is now unfolding as I write this post. Search engine results are coming in relevant, but from a totally different source. Using SEO techniques once thought to provoke better ranking, is now detrimental to that same ranking process. I can't help but wonder if this wasn't just a way to shake the cookie jar so to speak.

With the amount of on-line content that is being produced today, thinking that any one of us is good enough to be the best, or have the best possible info, is a little bit conceited in my opinion. I mean we are not talking about being better then Jennie down the block here, this is the entire world we compete with and armed with only intellect and words.

I wish I knew the answers to making it work for not only the writer to be compensated fairly for time invested, but how we can succeed in giving the reader a useful product and still find a vessel to deliver it for us.

I am reaching out to all of my readers here to see what you guys think. Somebody out there knows exactly what we should be doing right now and I'd love to hear from them.


Nicijess said...

I have no Idea Dreamaker to be honest. I have only just joined the game, am learning things the old way and now I am being told that everything I have been taught is wrong.
I hope someone comes along with the solution soon as this is a bit daunting to be honest.

Dreamaker said...

Thanks for coming by and yes we have to change up some things to stay in the running but I haven't as of yet figured out what.

Manspaugh said...

I have only one site that I've been using the traditional SEO tactics for. This site was actually helped by the Panda update. I couldn't tell you why, but I can tell you what I've done to my site, and maybe those will be some clues into why:

1. I made my site completely different than any other site on the topic.
2. I used Photoshop to make it look professional.
3. I spent time in research to get the best info for anybody coming to my site.
4. I didn't overload my site with Adsense, just a little here and there.
5. I've tried to only get backlinks from PR3+ sites (although I've gotten tons from PR0 sites too).
6. I wrote over 30 pages of content for my site.

You may be saying, "So did I Manspaugh!" Then all I can say is I don't know. I believe that quality always wins in any situation, and if you have quality, then I have no answer.

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss of financial income through all of this Dreamaker. That's gotta be tough. I plan on creating another site soon, and we'll see if these qualities that I've placed in my first site stand the test of time. Thanks for this article and I'll see ya around!

Dreamaker said...

Thanks for your input, let me know how things go down the road, I'm sure we'll all be here muddling on.

user999 said...

Love your title - G Giveth & G Taketh Away
It sums up all of my reading efforts on that subject after it had been introduced to us.

Phil Turner said...

Hey Dreamaker.
I think I might have a new way of writing onliine. Early days yet, though.
I still have niche sites, where I focus on writing for people though, with G very much a second.
My main focus is in an area I have alluded to in the past, maxi sites, collaborative writing sites if you like. I am having some success with my women's interest site and have set up a few more along the same lines in different areas.
I set up a site, to give people ideas on building similar sites

mgreig said...

What confuses me about this whole thing is that somebody is winning. For every fist page rank we've lost, somebody else has gained. How come we haven't heard any of those stories?