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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Boomer Retirement: Finding a Retirement Community

Baby Boomer Retirement: Finding a Retirement Community: One of the most difficult decisions we had to make as part of our retirement planning was where to live. Here is a photo of the attached condo in Laguna Woods Village where we currently live. As you can see in my full blog post, we did a lot of research on the different retirement communities that were located in Orange County, California, and decided that this one was affordable, and had the amenities that we wanted. At first, we purchased a property there. However, we are now renting one that is larger and costs us less money. One factor we will need to consider in the future, though, is that if we quit working, we will need to move into a smaller place. That is possible, because there are many less expensive rentals available in the community. Meanwhile, we are happy with our current residence.

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