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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Free Wallpaper Photo By Dreamaker Grab Your's

No link here folks, by now most of you know how to find me in the virtual world. Hell I'm all over the Internet. Do a search for Dreamaker articles in any search engine and pick a link.

Instructions below photo to set as background
Click the photo and It'll get big.
Then right click and set as background, It's your's!
Please, pass it on to your friends if you'd like
I'm experimenting to see where it will show up. Thanks and Enjoy!

This is where you'll find me in the real world. Or somewhere very similar.
I spend my time in places that absolutly amaze me like the one above.

This is a spot in Upstate New York.
Right on the shore of a private lake called Brandt Lake.
It's just south of Ticondaroga,
yes the place Moe made famous on The Three Stoogers.
"Slowly I turned, Step by step......"

I snapped this shot at 5.30 in the morning whilst walking the shore and having my coffee. Needless to say it was an absolutley awesome day from that point on.

I'm using this photo for my wallpaper because of the great white area for all the icons. Not to mention I love photo's like this one.

They must represent two completely different versions of reality for me to get excited. Hey maybe It's just me, I still think this is an awesome shot. I figured I'd put it here for free, so all my readers could grab it, if they'd like.

Last Thought for today,

Make sure you do at least one thing today, that's going to make you smile. I say that because I make myself remember all the time that when I go to sleep tonight, I'm never getting to do today again. I had my shot and that was it.

So I better have already done, whatever it was that I wanted to do.
Usually all I want to do, is smile.

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