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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Free Hot Daily Keyword Service

Do you need keywords that are profitable, low competition and with good buying intentions? Are you looking for inspiration for an InfoBarrel article or a blog post? Check out

The site is still at the zygote stage of development, but already there is a daily free keyword. By the end of August there will be a sign-up facility to receive a second hot keyword without charge.

Paid Keyword Tool Results - Free

I have access to a range of high-end paid keyword services so all suggested keywords are well-researched. All have a high KEI score and a low number of competing websites.

Related Keyword Lists – Free to Active InfoBarrel Forum Members

I need testimonials before I can sell related keyword lists, so I will provide IB writers with a list of related, exhaustively researched related keywords, complete with a list of suggested LSI related terms and I will even give you a reference to a page where you will find related affiliate products. All I need is a “starter” broad topic area.

I would appreciate a testimonial in exchange for your keyword list.

Please contact me through my email (see Philtrate's profile on IB) or by commenting on one of the posts on
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