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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gas Fires Heating Up the Relationship

My wife and I have always dreamed of a log fire in our living room. Trouble is, now we have the money to do it we have two young kids. We are far too scared to put a roaring flame and red hot embers within their reach. So we have been looking into compromise options. In particular the range of electric and gas fires out there have amazed us.

Finding Inspiration

Walking around the local DIY store we stumbled across a whole aisle of stylish and innovative heating appliances. The gas fires caught our attention. There are literally thousands of gas fires that are styled to look like log fires. Looking at the prices we were pleasantly surprised. 

Starting from a couple of hundred pounds you can get a really stylish feature for the lounge.
We have decided to take the plunge. We are not sure whether we are going for electric or gas yet. Our main concern is the kids’ safety. It looks like electric gas fires can be more controllable and have a non-heated front, which sounds great. The gas ones look nicer and I guess will be cheaper to run.

We are a bit confused by all the choice. It is daunting when you are presented with so many options. A quick Google search threw up thousands of sites offering hundreds of different products. How do you choose?

Start with the Budget

We decided to start with budget. Now we are looking at the style to fit with our lounge. We have quite a contemporary feel to our living area so we are narrowing in on sleek styles. There are still hundreds though.

Love Life Again?

So we are getting excited. We love the idea of snuggling up on the rug with a bottle of vino in front of the roaring flames, or roaring–effect flames J I think Nana is going to get a call to see if she wants to host a sleep over for the girls. They have been asking and asking. We can’t keep disappointing them!

All I need to do when we have chosen and taken delivery of the fireplace is the checklist, Vino, Cheese board and crackers, Kenny G DVD. Then just wait for Nana to do the pick up. Loving life…

Your Thoughts?

I have the dream and vision and I am on a mission to choose. Problem is I am a bit stuck. Has anyone got any tips on what to consider when buying a gas or electric fireplace? I’d love to hear about cost-efficiency, safety, heating efficiency etc.  I am sure there are others out there in the same boat as me so a few tips will go a long way.


Phil Turner is planning to put gas fires into both of his living rooms. It should mean he can run the central heating less.

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