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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Different Ways of Mice Extermination

Mice carry diseases, destroy food and property. They are naturally outdoor animals but may end up squeezing through the smallest openings to get inside your house. Once inside your house, they begin their tiny terror and you are left wondering on the best way you can get rid of these annoying tiny animals.

There are many methods of exterminating mice e.g. using mice traps, predators, mice repellents, mice poison and mice proofing. There are different mice traps available today; you need to place a tiny piece of cheese or bread to attract the mice so that you can catch and then throw the mice outside your house. Some animals like dogs and cats can also be used to eliminate mice since they feed on them; such animals are efficient in mice extermination.

If mice traps and predators don't give results, then you can try poising the mice or making the house much less mouse-friendly by working on every room especially the kitchen. Try any of the above methods but if none works then call a professional as your last resort.

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